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This page is all about the traditional Moscow Mule and the copper drinking cups they are served in. Traditionally this cocktail was served in a solid copper mug but these days the mug is usually nickle lined for safety.

Copper mugs can be used for many other drinks including basic drinks like water! They make everything taste just a bit colder and they sure do have a lot of character.

We sell all different kinds of copper drinking glasses, mugs, tumblers, and cups but we specialize in mugs for the Moscow Mule cocktail.

An Exciting Announcement!
CDM, working with our parent company Hot Java Mugs, now makes our own small line of budget friendly Mule Mugs and here is our first mug available for sale.

Altamont Moscow Mule Mug 14 Oz - 200x200The Altamont 14 Ounce Moscow Mule Mug
It is lower in cost than almost all copper mugs because it is made of aluminum and plated in copper. This keeps it’s weight and materials cost low so that we can offer it to you for less.

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We Sell Only The Best Moscow Mule Mugs

Not only do we like our own mugs but we know that there are some great mugs made by some of our competitors. Below are a selection of those we like and recommend to our customers.

 Copper Mugs – 16 oz. Moscow Mule Cups – 100% Copper Enhances Taste While Keeping Your Drink Ice Cold – Sturdy Riveted Handle – No Inside Liner – 1 Year Guarantee Stout Moscow Mule Mug, 16oz – Nickel Lined Interior, Solid Copper with Brass Accent Copper Barrel Mug for Moscow Mules – 16 oz – 100% Pure Hammered Copper – Heavy Gauge – No lining Nikolay Copper 13.5 oz Moscow Mule Mug with No Inner Linings Inspired Basics Solid Copper Moscow Mule No Lining Mug Hammered Type Copper Mug 16 Oz Capacity Old Dutch International, Purveyors of the ORIGINAL MOSCOW MULE MUG, 16-Ounce Solid Copper Hammered Moscow Mule Mug Home Wet Bar Basic Moscow Mule Copper Mug, 20-Ounce Hammered Copper Mugs – 16 Ounce Moscow Mule Cups – 100% Solid Copper – Riveted Handle – No Inside Lining Set of 2 Copper Mug for Moscow Mules – with stainless steel lining

You can also see more copper beer mugs here and more copper tumblers here.

If you are not actively shopping then please see the following featured pages for informational purposes.

  • How To Make A Moscow Mule – This is the basic recipe for making a Russian Standard Mule. It’s simple and refreshing and just about anyone can make one on a whim once they know the basic recipe. Make a few and then start experimenting to find your favorite mix.
  • Why A Moscow Mule Is Served In A Copper Mug – Ever wonder why the Moscow Mule is served in a copper cup? It has to do with a bit of marketing a couple of generations back and the bite that cold citrus has on your lips as it’s coming off a copper rim. The copper just makes the drink taste different.
  • Moscow Mule Recipe Variations – Got the basic recipe down? Here are a few common variations to the recipe that you ay want to try. They’re all still fairly simple but make a big difference in flavor.
  • How To Clean Copper Cups Properly – Don’t just throw your mug into the dishwasher! There’s a method that you should follow. Copper can and will tarnish so care for your cups during washing so they look good years from now.
  • Are Copper Mugs Safe To Drink From? – Super important in every home these days is kitchen and food safety. Even in a home bar safety is important and a common concern is the safety of drinking from copper mugs. Generally speaking even a pure copper tumbler can slowly deposit heavy metals into your system but you would have to drink out of them very frequently – all the time really to have much risk. Even still most copper mugs are now lined in nickle to further improve their safety.
  • Why Copper Mugs Are Lined With Nickel – See above. Nickle provides a safe barrier between a heavy metal and a consumable. Is it nessesarly? Maybe not but that’s why the lining is in place.
  • Copper Mugs Keep Drinks Cold: Here’s Why – Does copper really keep things cold? Kind of. It does transfer heat (or lack thereof) easily and quickly but in most cases it just feels like drinks are colder inside of them. It’s kind of a twist on changing food texture (baked potato vs mashed).
  • Are Copper Mugs & Glasses Dishwasher Safe – Most copper mugs should be handwashed only. Dishwashers can chip nickle lining over time damaging your cups. They also won’t do as good a job at keep your mugs looking clean.
  • How To Keep Copper Mugs From Tarnishing – Handwashing is the only way to really keep copper from tarnishing. Use care when cleaning and storing your copper drinking mugs and they’ll look great for a really long time.

We are also looking into setting up a page where we sell high quality copper cleaners for mugs, cups, pots, pans, and other types of kitchenware.

Please check back for that page to go live in the near future.

Lastly I wanted to give our readers a preview of coming additions tot he site. We are working on a few information pieces that should compliment our product offerings. You may have wondered any of the following questions – well, we’re working on answering those questions for you.

  • Are Moscow Mules Always Served In Copper Cups? – The cocktail really should be served in a copper cup if it’s going to taste right. Much like drinking coffee out of a plastic cup changes the way it tastes so too does drinking a mule out of glass. Even still you can experiment and you may find some bars still serve it out of regular cocktail glasses to keep costs down.
  • Why Is It Called A Moscow Mule: The History Of The Drink – The story of how the Moscow Mule came to be is quite unique. It was actually a marketing gimmick created by a vodka sales person and a copper maker. As luck would have it the marketing worked well because the gimmick actually made a difference in the taste of the drink.
  • How To Mix A Moscow Mule – As trivial as this question may seem mixing a mule is actually important because it often times contains carbonated mixers which all but take shaking off the table.
  • Do You Need A Copper Mug For A Moscow Mule? – If you don’t have a set of copper mugs nor want to buy a set you can still make the drink but it will be virtually impossible to recreate the feel of the drink on the tongue. Similar to how various cooking techniques can change the texture of foods the presentation of this drink makes a big difference in sensation and enjoyment.
  • Making A Moscow Mule With Gin Instead Of Vodka
  • Does Ginger Beer Have Alcohol In It? – Ginger beer vs ginger ale, one sounds alcoholic and the other doesn’t. In most cases they are both non-alcoholic but not always.
  • Is A Moscow Mule Gluten Free? – Gluten intolerance is a big issue in the lives of many people. There are ways to make Moscow Mule’s so that they are gluten free. Know how so that you know what you are getting when you order in a bar.
  • The Best Ginger Beer For A Moscow Mule – There are a lot of great ginger beers out there. Which one is best for this cocktail has to do with quality but relies largely on personal preference.
  • The Typical Alcohol Content Of A Moscow Mule – A standard vodka has about 40% alcohol by volume. How much you pour however makes this drink more or less potent as does the alcohol content of the brew you use.

Check back again later to see the posts when they go live or see this page for the full list of questions addressed here on this site.