CDM 14oz Mule Mug Interest List

I’ve been running for almost two years now and for the first time ever I’m producing my own line of mugs.

Right now the mugs will be smaller than average and they will be aluminum coated in copper to make them affordable to the masses.

Yeah, I know that lots of people want pure copper but the simple fact is that copper plated mugs have a huge demand and they cost less for both the producer and the consumer. I see no reason to dig my heels in the sand on this issue.

Anyway, graphic design on the branded mugs is in the works but I do have a few prototypes (unbranded mugs) that I’d like to sell for a deep discount to my Facebook followers.

My hope is that those of you who buy a mug will give me direct feedback on your thoughts of the mug or simply leave a review on Amazon so that everyone can see your thoughts.

Here is a photo of the blank slate mug I’m producing.

Altamont Aluminum Mule Mug 14 Oz

If you are up for buying one of these and giving me feedback or a review in return then drop your email in the box below. I’ll shoot you a line to let you know when they are available for sale.

I’ll be contacting everyone on the email list with instructions ASAP.

Thanks to you all!

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