Copper Ice Buckets

Copper Ice BucketNot only do we sell awesome Moscow Mule copper mug sets but we also sell high quality accessories for your home bar.

The copper ice bucket with tongs is a piece that goes well in just about anybody’s home. Copper works so well at heat transfer and retention that it makes perfect sense to keep your ice cold in a copper bucket.

We also think they look pretty slick too!

We’ve got a few really  nice copper buckets listed below, surely you’ll find something that you’ll like.

 Old Dutch 3-Quart Ice Bucket with Brass Tongs Artland Unisex Oasis Antiqued Copper Ice Bucket with Scoop Antique Copper Barware Old Dutch Decor Copper Double Chiller with Aluminum Insert, 7 Qt Old Dutch 2.5 Quart Antique Embossed Lined Ice Bucket w/Brass Tongs Old Dutch 7-1/2-Inch Copper Wine Chiller Artland Oasis Oval Party Tub with Stand, Antique Copper A29 Solid Copper Double Chiller, 7 Quart Large Copper Leaf Pattern Oblong Party Tub Old Dutch Embossed Heritage Party Tub, 5-1/2-Gallon, 18 by 10-1/2 by 9-1/2-Inch DMA Elements Home Stainless-Steel Double-Walled Ice Bucket with Copper Enamel Finish Minuteman International C-85 Coal Hod / Pellet Bucket, Small Achla Designs C-52C Embossed Copper Finished Tub Closeoutfitters Copper Galvanized Multifunctional Antique Bucket Old Dutch Round Décor Copper Party Tub, 17-1/4 by 10-1/2-Inch Hammered Ice Cream Bucket – Antique Copper Copper Beverage Ice Tub w/ Wooden Handles

If you are looking to stock your home bar then make sure to check out our copper tumblers, perfect for beer or cocktails like the Moscow Mule.

Our other copper kitchen products can be found here.

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