Are Copper Mugs Supposed To Tarnish

copper mugs tarnishTarnishing is said to be the death of steel materials. When steel or copper starts to tarnish, it starts to gradually decompose until it boils down to junk. Tarnish in kitchen wares and utensils are bad for the health because it contains chemicals that are not good for the body. You would know if your utensils are starting to tarnish because the steel transforms into a stain-like brownish or sometimes red or white color and it would have a blood-like taste.

Copper mugs, since they are made of copper, are prone to tarnishing. Copper’s properties are metal and steel which are always attacked by tarnishing. However, the type of metal element in copper makes it stronger and harder to tarnish.

What causes copper tarnishing?

Tarnish is metal corrosion that is caused by several factors. It would help to know these factors for you to prevent the tarnishing of your copper mugs or copper based utensils.

  • A constant or over exposure to oxygen may cause copper to gradually tarnish
  • Constant or over exposure to water and heat alternately

How to keep your copper mugs from tarnishing

Copper is not easily tarnished because of its strong elements. However, the few causes of tarnishing cannot be avoided because copper mugs are used regularly for beverages and is always exposed. The key is to preventing it from tarnish. Take note of these tips to keep your copper mugs from tarnishing.

  • Clean your copper mugs using warm water and lemon juice. Avoid chemicals and soaps.
  • Keep the copper mug dry and store in a dry place.

If the copper mug is already starting to tarnish, here are some tips you can follow to prevent it from spreading and to gradually remove the tarnishing –

  • Use concentrated lemon juice (3 cups), salt (1 cup), white vinegar (1 cup), ammonia (1/2 cup), sponge and gloves.
  • Mix the lemon juice and salt.
  • Scrub the tarnished area using the sponge. If there is no result, add white vinegar and ammonia to the concoction.
  • Repeat steps until the tarnished area is clear.

Copper mugs have many uses, because of its ability to maintain the temperature of its contents. This is why it is ideal to keep the copper mugs healthy and tarnish-free so it can be durable and used longer. Maintain and keep your copper mugs from tarnishing to continue drinking your Moscow Mules and your other chosen beverages using it.

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