Do Copper Mugs Taste Like Copper

Just in case you are wondering what copper mugs are used for, they are used for drinking alcoholic beverages, specifically Moscow Mule. Moscow Mule is a vodka drink composed of carbonated ginger beer and strong lime juice. What makes it even more unique and special is that it is served in copper mugs. Some people even claim that the flavor of Moscow Mule is from the copper.

Why is Copper Used in these Mugs?

  1. Temperature

One of the best benefits copper mugs offer has to do with temperature. They give more cool feeling when you are drinking chilled beverages. This is because the metal, copper, rapidly takes on the low temperature of the drink. When you take a sip, your lips will feel the chills because the rim has instantly gotten cold. In addition, cold metal is great at insulating the low temperature of any drink, so mugs made of cold metal are really best for summer.

  1. Presentation

Admit it. The real experience of drinking Moscow Mule can only be with a copper mug. Copper mugs add a great value to the presentation of the vodka.

  1. Taste

Copper mugs enhance the flavor of Moscow Mule. Some experts claim that a chemical reaction takes place when you pour vodka onto a copper mug. As the liquid makes contact with the sides of the mug, copper starts to oxidize. This, in turn, enhances the aroma and the taste of the drink.

In addition, cold copper tends to increase the production of bubbles in the carbonated beer for more fizziness than when in a plastic or glass mug. Cold copper also affects the lime juice, another component of Moscow Mule, by increasing the tangy citrus flavor, and at the same time, lessens the acidity.

Is It Safe to Drink from Copper Mugs?

Certainly! Most, if not all, copper mugs has nickel plating, so copper does not get mixed with the ingredients of the drink. To answer the question “Do Copper Mugs Taste like Copper?” we say no. Although copper oxidizes in the process, it does not get mixed up with your drinks so it will not taste like copper.

Also, drinking from copper mugs is totally safe. Unless when you drink hot and acidic drinks from it, as some experts say. Copper mugs are abundant online more than in your local grocery stores.

There you have it, folks. Copper mugs do not taste like copper and are totally safe. They are also the best item for summertime drinking. So if you want the best drinking experience this summer, grab a copper mug now!

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