What Drinks Are Served In A Copper Mug

Since the ancient times, a copper mug has been used as a drinking cup because of the material’s flexibility and insulating capability. An additional factor is that the human body needs the minerals produced in copper and so the use of a copper mug may prove to be good for the health.

What is a copper mug?

Copper mugs are drinking cups made of copper and stainless steel. They have been widely used by many cultures for thousands of years, since copper has always been an abundant mineral. Through the years and many innovations, copper mugs have evolved into many shapes, sizes and uses varying on the types of copper and its place of origin.

Copper has an insulating element that can help in maintaining the temperature of its contents. This is why copper mugs are widely used by many for hot or cold drinks. It can keep a coffee hot or a cold drink cold for longer periods of time than the normal mug or glass.

Drinks served in a copper mug

Because of its ability to maintain the temperature of its contents, copper mugs can practically be used for many types of beverages. Plus, its handle also makes it easy to hold the cup.

  • The most popular use for a copper mug is for an alcoholic cocktail called the Moscow Mule. When preparing a Moscow Mule, it is almost mandatory that you use a copper mug for it. The two always go together as if they have been fitted to compliment each other’s uses. In many countries, ordering a Moscow Mule from the bar list would also showcase to you the different types of copper mugs.
  • Vodka based drinks use copper mugs as well. Many cocktails that have vodka or gin are also served in copper mugs.
  • Hot beverages can be served in copper mugs also. Drinks like coffee or hot chocolate use copper mugs and it is easy to hold because of the mug handle.

Drinking does not only mean ‘drinking’, as conflicted as that sounds. The mug or glass used for the beverage is also a huge factor to add essence and soul to what you are drinking. There are many types of mugs, and even more types of drinks to use these mugs. It is a always fun game of matching the mugs to the right drinks.

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