Lined Copper Mugs Are Safer To Drink From

If you know anything about copper you know it’s a heavy metal and it’s a soft metal. Although copper is found in our bodies it can get too high and drinking any kind of beverage out of a copper cup (especially in excess) can be bad for you.

Although cold beverages are safer than hot, all drinks will absorb some of the copper–and if you are drinking a Moscow Mule then you probably have a bit of acidity to your drink meaning your drink will transfer more copper into your system than regular water.

Lined Copper Mugs

It is arguable that occasionally drinking from copper is perfectly safe but it is universally understand that drinking from lined mugs is always going to be safe. For that reason I like to steer people towards lined mugs for the home.

Most copper mugs that have lining use either stainless steel, nickle, or tin. Below you’ll find best selling cups in all categories.

Copper Mugs with Stainless Steel Lining

 Copper Mug for Moscow Mules – 16 oz Stainless Steel Copper Plated Southern Homewares Copper Mug for Moscow Mules Copper-Clad Stainless Novelty Cup, 12-Ounce, Set of 4 Copper Mug for Moscow Mules with stainless steel lining

Copper Mugs with Nickel Lining

 Siggió Hammered Mugs – Nickel Lined – Solid Copper Moscow Mule – Set of 4 Mugs – 16 Oz Capacity – 100% Pure Copper Barware – Novelty Copper Drinkware Cups for Mules, Beer, Camping, Water – Authentic Moscow Mule Mugs with Nickel Lining or Lacquer Finish and Lifetime Guarantee Coppertisan Barrel Hammered Copper Moscow Mule Mug, 18 oz – Set of 4 – Handmade of 100% Pure Copper, Nickel Lined, Brass Handle Hammered Moscow Mule Solid Copper Mug / Cup, 16 Ounce, Set of 4

Copper Mugs with Tin Lining

 18oz 4 Pack, Tin-Lined Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mug by Paykoc 12081/TINx4 18oz Tin-Lined Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mug by Paykoc MM12081/TIN

Remember, lining of a copper cup is safer for drinking out of but if your mug is damaged that safety may be questionable. Some long time owners of these products have noted that liners can crack and start to flake off. It’s important to maintain the longevity of your mugs but handwashing only. These cups shouldn’t be put in the dishwasher otherwise you may need to replace them sometime down the road.

If you are looking for dishwasher safe copper mugs then you will probably have to go with an unlined alternative.

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