Making A Moscow Mule With Gin Instead Of Vodka

A Moscow mule is a refreshing and easy to make classic cocktail drink made with vodka, ginger beer, and lime as its ingredients.

Many variations from the traditional Moscow mule recipe are available worldwide. By changing its ingredients, several new combinations can be tried to create new variants of this versatile drink. For example, to have a more Caribbean flavor you can try out half of the vodka with spiced rum, or gin can be used to make the drink to give it an English feel. Fruit juices also can be tried to make you drink a bit different.

Vodka and gin are two of the most popular alcoholic drinks worldwide. Vodka is similar to gin in all respects except for one quality: it lacks the infused components that gin possesses.

Vodka is actually a mixture of water and pure alcohol that is distilled to such an extent that it has lost almost all the flavor. Gin differs from Vodka fundamentally in this aspect. The flavor of gin is imparted usually by adding some spice extracts, in most cases from juniper berries. Vodka is a pure spirit with a neutral taste, distilled from the mixtures of grains or potatoes or grains. Vodka usually comes with strength of 80 proof. But this may vary since some brands go for stronger alcohol

Gin is an alcohol distilled mainly from grains such as barley and rye. A mixture of herb and spice extract called ‘botanicals’ consisting of juniper, cardamom, coriander, aniseed along with orange and lemon zests is added to this mixture of distilled grains. After distillation, gin it is diluted to a strength of 76 to 90 proof.

The cocktail prepared by using gin instead of Vodka is generally known as Gin Mule. Garnishing with mint adds a special touch to this refreshing drink. The botanicals in gin blends easily with mint, and will definitely improve the taste of this cocktail. It is reported that the more flavor in your gin, the better will be the drink. The feel which gin brings to the drink will not be possible with vodka. Gin has the capacity to bring out the flavor of the mint, and it enhances the spiciness of the ginger.

Those who love Moscow Mule will definitely like this variation since gin works great with mint. And if you stick with the copper cup, mug, or stein you don’t lose any of the aesthetic charm of this old fashioned drink.

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