How To Mix A Moscow Mule

The Moscow mule is a stand out among Vodka drinks with its exquisite flavor, aroma, and presentation. The drink is made with classic Vodka, fizzy ginger beer, tangy lemon juice, and served in exceptional copper mugs, and is rated among the classic American cocktails. It’s got long and interesting story behind it.

Although the ingredients of the Moscow Mule recipe are quite appealing, the true signature of this cocktail is the copper mug. The mug keeps the drink cold and gives a special appeal to the drink.

It is generally accepted that using copper mugs for serving Moscow Mules improve the individual flavors of the vodka, ginger beer, and lime. It is known that when vodka get in contact with the walls of the mug, oxidation of copper begins which boosts the aroma, and in turn enhance the taste of vodka.

Cold copper may increase the amount of bubbles in the ginger beer, offering maximum fizzyness to the cocktail. Taste of the lime juice is also enhanced by the super-cold copper, and the acidity of the drink complements the spicy component, ginger beer.


The classic Moscow Mule recipe is a vodka-based cocktail with the unusual addition of a ginger beer topped with a wedge of lime. If you would like to go a traditional route, serve your Moscow Mules in a copper mug. The cocktail is garnished with a lime wedge, and it sometimes sports a sprig of mint.

Ingredients for mixing this drink

  • Vodka-2 ounces Vodka
  • lemon juice -I ounce
  • Ginger beer -4 or 6 ounces
  • Lime wedge and mint leaves ( For Garnishing)

Mixing the drink

  • Put ice cubes in the copper mug (half the mug is enough)
  • Pour the vodka and lime juice into the copper mug with ice cubes.
  • Top off with the ginger beer.
  • Garnish with the lime wedge and mint leaves

The drink presents a very good balance of sweet, sour, spicy tastes. The brand and quality of ginger beer will make big difference.

Apart from the traditional Cock ‘N’ Bull ginger beer, Bundaberg and Seattle’s Rachel’s Ginger Beers are rated good for making the drink. If you prefer to follow the traditional recipe go for Smirnoff Vodka, Cock ‘n’ Bull’s ginger beer and of course, remember to serve the drink in Mule Mugs made of Copper.




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