Are Moscow Mule Mugs Good For Beer

Drinking a Moscow Mule is always done from copper mugs. Copper mugs are best for summertime drinking because they take on the coldness of the drink rapidly, and can hold the temperature of the drink for a very long time.

Moscow Mule is made of ginger beer and lime juice so it would not hurt to drink beer from copper mugs. Copper mugs will hold your beer’s temperature just the same. If you are worried that your beer will taste copper, do not be. We will tell you the many benefits of copper, or Moscow Mule mugs, and whether it is safe to drink from it.

Moscow Mule Mugs Can Hold Temperature Well

The good thing about these copper mugs is that they instantly take on the temperature of the drink. Copper has very high thermal conductivity, thus causes heat to be instantly transferred. In this case, heat escapes almost instantly. So almost as soon as you pour the drink into the mug, the mug gets cold, including the rim. This gives an extra cool sensation to your drinking experience.

What is even better is that these mugs can hold the temperature of the drink for a long period of time. Thus, you can truly enjoy your drinking experience by taking time to savor your beer without worrying that it gets warm fast.

Moscow Mule Mugs Can Make Your Beer Tastier

As soon as your vodka, or beer, makes contact with the walls of the mug, copper oxidizes. This reaction leads to the enhancement of the beer’s aroma and taste. On the other hand, you do not need to worry about the copper getting mixed with your beer as long as your copper mug has nickel plating. This lining of nickel prevents leakage of copper which is a heavy metal and can be dangerous to your health. Just remember to purchase copper mugs with nickel plating and all will be good. Anyway, almost all copper mugs out there are nickel plated now.

Moscow Mule Mugs Completes the Drinking Experience

One benefit of the copper mugs is the value it adds to the presentation. Drinking experience is not complete without presentation. And Moscow Mule mugs have a big role to play in that area.

So, this coming summer, if you want to enjoy your beer-drinking experience to the fullest, drink from Moscow Mule mugs. They are not commonly found in your brick stores but are abundant online. Chase away the heat this summer by drinking beer from your Moscow Mule mugs!

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