Is The Moscow Mule A Summer Drink

Moscow Mule is a mixture of ginger beer, vodka, and lime juice. If that does not sound refreshing to you, it is traditionally served in copper mugs. And copper mugs are great in giving an additional cool sensation and keeps the coolness for a long time. That makes Moscow Mule the best drink for summer. “How so?” you may ask. We will answer that later. First, let us find out how the Moscow Mule was created, and how it spread.

The History of Moscow Mule

Many people claim that the Moscow Mule was invented out of the desperation of the owner of Smirnoff. This owner was so desperate to get the Americans buy the Russian alcoholic drink. There was also a restaurateur at Hollywood who was desperate to make his ginger beer accepted as a root beer. So, in 1940s, in their frustration, they created the Moscow Mule. It became the signature drink for stars at the Cock ‘n Bull. It was traditionally served on copper mugs, or so the story goes.

The Recipe for Moscow Mule

First, you will need the following: 6 ounces of ginger beer, 1 and a half ounces of vodka, and half of a lime. All you have to do is pour the ginger beer and the vodka onto a copper mug with plenty of crushed ice. Then, squeeze the lime into the drink and stir. You can add a lime slice for presentation.

You can opt not to include vodka and the drink will still be as refreshing but you will not the “kick” only vodka gives. This drink is best served icy cold in a copper mug.

Why Use a Copper Mug?

We finally get to this question. The copper mug, as many drinkers believe, is the key to the refreshing sensation Moscow Mule gives. You see, copper has a very high thermal conductivity. In other words, as soon as you pour your mix onto the copper mug, the heat escapes and the mug becomes very cold. The mug takes on the temperature quickly which accounts for the extra cool sensation. Also, copper can hold the coolness of your drink for a long period of time – longer than a plastic or glass cup can.

So, if you want to chase the heat away this summer, grab a Moscow Mule mug now. They are not abundant in brick stores but they are plenty in online shops. Have a refreshing drinking experience this summer with Moscow Mule on copper mugs!

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