Are Moscow Mules Always Served In Copper Cups?

Most cocktails require specific vessels or glassware like the highball and the martini glass (for example) for their presentation. But regarding the Moscow Mule, the copper mug is a must, since it is essential to keep the appeal of the drink.

The Moscow mule, served in shiny, elegantly cool copper Mule mugs, are really appealing. It can be definitely stated that the main reason to serve Moscow Mule in copper mugs, is the presentation. When the drink was marketed for the first time, it was served in specially designed copper mugs, and photographs of celebrities drinking them were circulated to increase the popularity of the drink. Such a different presentation has added to the popularity of the drink to a great extent.

Traditional recipes always mention the copper mugs for presenting this refreshing and fantastically cool drink. The copper mugs main role is to keep the drink exceptionally cool. Experts say that any chilled drinks served in copper cups offer an exceptionally cool sensation, because copper will quickly take up the ice cold temperature of the drink.

Copper, when cold is really effective in maintaining the low temperature of chilled drinks and is considered the best for summer time drinking. It keeps the cool by deflecting heat from the sun. The handle of the mug also will helps to maintain the temperature keep your hands away from the wall of the mug. Such benefits could not be expected from the glassware like high ball which are used to serve cocktail drinks.

You may find the Moscow mule being served in high ball glasses and other glass wares also. In such cases, what happens is that the identity of the drink is getting lost. The copper mug is considered as the true signature of the drink. It can be said beyond any doubt that Copper vessels are the best choice for making the best Moscow Mule.

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