Are Moscow Mules A ‘Girly’ Drink

Ladies like to drink alcohol with a twist. That means beer or vodka on the rocks is too ordinary. Ladies like to savor something sweet or spicy on their taste buds while getting boozed up. A Moscow Mule is a type of alcoholic mixed drink that is vodka based with lime and ginger beer and is considered one of the most popular ladies drink in many countries. Its trademark is to be served in a copper mug with a wedge of lime placed at the rim of the mug.

The concoction was invented by John G. Martin in the 1940s. The first people who tasted this alcohol innovation were ironically a group of men. Five years later, the cocktail was christened Moscow Mule and has been a part of the many bar lists ever since.


When mixing an alcoholic concoction, it is best that the correct measurements are applied to get that distinct flavorful taste that is not too bitter and not too sweet. The Moscow Mule has been designed to perfection, with specific number of parts per ingredient to guarantee the consistency of its trademark taste. The ingredients include –

  • 9 parts vodka. Any type of vodka will do but it is best if you use the best types of vodka sold.
  • 1 part lime. Use fresh lime and save another slice to be wedged on the rim.
  • 24 parts ginger beer. Ginger beer is a sweetened, carbonated ginger beverage. This should give the Moscow Mule the distinct sweetness.

The parts should apply to any volume of mix drink that you will prepare. They may be tweaked as to how much sweetness or the strength of the vodka that you desire but these are mainly the specific parts of your Moscow Mule.

How to prepare

Preparing a Moscow Mule is easy and fast. You need to have the ingredients ready. For best results and presentation, use a copper mug as this is the trademark mug used for Moscow Mules.

  1. Pour 9 parts vodka into the mug.
  2. Cut lime that will be squeezed into the concoction. You can choose whether to squeeze it using a mortar or you can squeeze the juice over the mug.
  3. Pour the 24 parts ginger beer.
  4. Add ice and wedge the slice of lime.
  5. Serve.

With its sweetened taste combined with the presentation in serving, one can say that a Moscow Mule is indeed a great drink for the ladies.

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