Do You Need A Copper Mug For A Moscow Mule?

Since the Moscow Mule was invented in the 1940s, copper vessels have been essential for its proper presentation. Later, the Copper Mug became the true signature of this cock tail drink

The most important benefit of using copper mugs is regarding the temperature. It is widely known that chilled drinks served in copper cups offer an exceptionally cool sensation, because the metal will quickly take up the ice cold temperature of the drink. The vessel offers yours lips a frozen sensation, because the rim of the mug gets chilly suddenly.

Copper, when cold is very effective in insulating the low temperature of any drink and is considered the best for summer time drinking. It also helps to deflect heat from the sun. The handle of the mug will keep your hands away from the wall of the mug and helps to maintain the temperature.

Taste benefits will vary, depending on the ingredients and recipe you use. But it is widely accepted that using copper mugs for serving Moscow Mules improve the individual flavors of the vodka, ginger beer, and lime. Some reports say that when vodka get in contact with the walls of the mug, oxidation of copper begins which boosts the aroma, and in turn enhance the taste of vodka. Cold copper may increase the amount of bubbles in the ginger beer, offering maximum fizzyness to the cocktail. Taste of the lime juice is also enhanced the super-cold copper, and reduce the acidity of the drink to complement the spicy component, ginger beer.

It can be definitely stated that the main reason to serve Moscow Mule in copper mugs, is the presentation. Like any other well prepared drink, when it was prepared for the first time, Moscow Mule also needed a distinctive look.  So the inventors served the drink in specially made copper mugs, and circulated photographs of celebrities drinking them to increase the popularity of the drink.

The original copper mugs which were used to serve the drink weighed eight ounces. They were three and a quarter inches in height with a three-inch diameter base. The underside of the mugs was imprinted “A Cock ‘n Bull product.” One can follow the great tradition of enjoying ice cold Moscow Mule from beautiful copper mugs, since copper mug is considered an integral component of this drink.

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