Popular Moscow Mule Recipe Variations

This page features many popular variations of the popular Moscow Mule cocktail.

A Moscow mule is a refreshing and easy to make classic cocktail drink with vodka, ginger beer, and lime as its ingredients. They are usually served in elegant, shiny, cool copper mugs called ‘Mule Mugs’. Originally, the Moscow Mule was created as part of the marketing strategy to sell Vodka and Ginger Beer. During 1950s, it fetched the status of a popular drink under the ‘vodka craze’ in the United States. A thrilling blend of flavors has made this drink more popular as of late. Vodka is generally perceived as a Russian product. Hence the drink was named Moscow Mule.

Classic Moscow Mule Recipe

The classic recipe consisting of 1 part vodka, 4 parts ginger beer, with a squeeze of lime, blended together in a copper mug to make a fantastic drink.

This drink is very versatile and you can change its ingredients and try out several combinations to create new variants. For example a more Caribbean flavor can be achieved by substituting half of the vodka with spiced rum, or you can try gin to impart an English feel. Depending on your taste, you can experiment with fruit juices also.

You can see the following page to learn more about making the Moscow Mule properly.

Variations Of The Moscow Mule

A few popular variants of Moscow Mule are listed below.

Oprah’s Moscow Mule:  Prepared in a traditional copper mug with the following ingredients: Smirnoff vodka (1 1/4 oz), ginger beer (3 oz.), sugar syrup (1 tsp), lime juice (1/4 oz), mint (1 sprig) and lime (1 slice). To prepare the drink, pour vodka over some ice and add sugar syrup followed by lime juice. Then top this up with ginger beer. After stirring, serve it garnished with lime slice and mint sprig.

Moscow Mule-Valencian Twist: This is created by mixing Ginger Beer(120ml), Green Mark Vodka(45ml), fresh orange juice(5ml) and angostura orange bitter(2-5 dashes). The drink can be served garnished with an orange twist.

Great Moscow Mule Pitcher is a blend of Vodka (300ml), Lime Juice (100ml) and Ginger Beer (750ml)

The best serving option involves a colourful display of the jug or pitcher with lime wheels and ice cubes.

Kentucky Mule. This incorporates the American whisky Kentucky bourbon and is much preferred in Portland, USA. This can be prepared by mixing Kentucky Bourbon (45ml), fresh lime juice (5ml) and topping up with ginger beer.

Mezcal Mule/Mexican Mule this drink is made by replacing vodka with Tequila and adding lime juice and ginger beer, over ice.







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