Pure Copper Tumblers & Glasses For Water, Beer, Moscow Mule

Most copper drinking cups are in the mug style. Some beer mugs and steins can also be found but traditional Indian copper drinking cups were tall tumblers similar to American water glasses.

Although not all copper tumblers are stackable some are and because they all lack a handle they do usually make for easier and more compact storage when not in use.

Most all copper drinking tumblers are lined in nickle but some are not. If this matters to you then please look closely at the product descriptions. For those that do have a lining they shouldn’t be placed in the dishwasher.

Solid copper glasses can tarnish, especially those that are not lined. Make sure you handwash and periodically take steps to minimize or remove any tarnishing that builds up over time.

If you like the Russian Moscow Mule cocktail then your average drink will be served in a mug styled like those on the homepage of this site. Beer stein style mugs can be found here. For the India style copper drinking cups take a look at the products featured below.

 Napa Style Hand Pounded Bottega Copper Tumbler – Four TumblersMore Info Drinking Glasses Handmade Copper Tumblers, Set of 2More Info Drinkware Accessories Handmade Copper Tumblers, Set of 2More Info Pure Copper goblet tumbler cup for water handmade Drink wareMore Info Sertodo Copper Apa Cup, 12 Fluid Ounce, Hammered Copper, Set of 2More Info Moscow Mule Handmade Copper TumblersMore Info Drinking Tumblers Handmade Copper WareMore Info set of 10 pure handmade 100% Copper tumbler drinkware cup for water indiaMore Info Handmade Pure Copper Hammered Tumbler GlassMore Info Indian Pure Copper Jug with 2 Tumbler Glass Set for Ayurvedic HealingMore Info Indian Pure Copper Handmade Tumbler GlassMore Info Handmade Copper Tumblers, GlassesMore Info

If you do own any copper mugs then you may also want to see our page covering copper cleaners for the kitchen. This is important since copper kitchenware should usually be hand washed.

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