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Copper is king in our home bar!

Below you’ll find helpful links to all the copper products we care about.

Making a Moscow Mule? Then pick up a set of copper drinking mugs or check out the various styles listed below as well as all the related products.

Copper Mug Keep Drinks ColdCopper Beer Mugs – These mugs are shaped like small beer steins rather than large coffee mugs. It’s a style thing and nothing more.

Do You Need A Copper Mug For Moscow MuleCopper Tumblers – Again, this product is more of a stylistic choice. Traditionally drinking glasses are tall and skinny with no handle. These tumblers are perfect for drinking and they store easily.

Copper Ice BucketCopper Ice Buckets – Storing ice for your cocktails in a copper bucket just feels right. The copper keeps things a bit colder and it looks a lot more slick too.

Copper Water Pitchers – Mixing up big batches of the Russian Mule? Maybe you just like the look of copper and plan to keep a pitcher of cold water in the fridge at all times. Whatever you want ’em for for – here they are.

Copper Mugs Without Nickle Lining – Most copper drinking cups these days are made with a nickel lining. If you don’t want that liner and only want a pure copper mug then see this page.

Large Copper Mugs – Loading up a copper mug with ice can leave little room for your drink. These mugs are made extra large giving you ample room for a large drink or one filled with lots of ice.

Small Copper Mugs – For the purists that don’t add ice into their Mules smaller cups may be better. They are also easier to store when not in use too which can also be helpful.

Personalized Moscow Mule Mugs – Want a custom Russian Mule mug? Persoanlization is usually done via engraving but some companies give you a few personalization options.

Solid Copper Pots And Pans – Copper bottom pots and pans can be found easily both online and in stores but pure copper pots and pans are harder to find. Here are a few that we like.

As this site grows we may add more products to our list of current offerings. Check back again any time!

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