How To Remove Nickel Plating From Copper Mugs

The process of applying chrome or nickel plates to all sorts of metal, including but not limited to car parts, mugs or cups, and other brass items is called plating. The reverse process, where you need to remove chrome or nickel plate from any object, is called stripping. With this, a stripper will be needed.

Stripping is when you use chemicals in order to break down either the chrome or the nickel finish from the same object. Removing the nickel plating from copper mugs, specifically, can be done in 5 quick ways.

You will need Acetone, Plastic Bowl, Aluminum Foil, Brush, and Cloth. These are basic things you can find within the household. The process of cleaning would require patience and efforts as it is easier to apply nickel plating than to remove it. Here’s how:

  1. Pour the acetone in the container. See to it the acetone level is enough to totally submerge the copper mug you want to strip off of nickel.
  1. Slowly dip the copper mug down the acetone-filled container. Cover the container with aluminum foil or plastic cover. This is to make sure no fumes will get out and all is trapped.
  1. Leave it soaked in acetone for around two hours. You can allow the acetone to seep well the plates of the copper mugs.
  1. When the two hours is up, remove the plastic cover or aluminum foil, then remove the copper mug from the bowl of acetone and place it on the cloth or towel.
  1. From the same container of acetone, dip the brush and scrub off the copper mug to completely remove possible remaining nickel.
  1. Once you think the copper mug is then nickel-free, wipe it off with a clean cloth or towel in order to remove the acetone, then, rinse it by placing the copper mug under running water.

In case you have more than one copper mug that requires stripping, simply repeat the same process, and you will be successful in removing all the nickel plates from your mugs.

You should however, be warned that a mug free of nickel is possibly prone to damage and can be unhealthy as copper deposits can blend in with whatever drink you will put on it moving forward, and these deposits can harm your health if it goes over the necessary level. For the same reason, these copper mugs are plated with nickel in order to avoid such issues.

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