Should You Strip Nickel From A Moscow Mule Mug

For a start, copper cups and Moscow Mule mugs are made with nickel. You can be someone shopping for some bar cups and as much as possible, you want to have something that at least doesn’t have a nickel lining anywhere else around it. When you do not see it on the label, might as well check it out with the seller.

Copper mugs have been thought to give a drink that fresh taste. But people tend to have this crazy notion about nickel, specifically. Now, you must have missed some good facts as to why almost all copper cups are actually lined with nickel.

When given the chance to answer this one random question, “Should you strip nickel from a Moscow Mule Mug?”, you might want to consider the following 2 reasons for you to answer outright, “No!” And here is why:

  1. For the functional reason you give when asked why choose a copper mug over a ceramic mug. The copper mug regulates the temperature of the drink you put inside it. The longer the drink is inside the copper mug, the colder it becomes. The downside of copper is that this is normally made of soft metal so this is prone to easy damage. Nickel, or its substitute, stainless steel used as lining inside these copper cups is responsible for better strength and durable make, thus longer life span for your copper cups.
  1. Health is the next reason why you should not want to strip nickel off your Moscow Mule Mug. As you can see, copper is made of heavy metal which can seeped unto the fluids you put inside the cup. Due to the naturally soft make of copper, some unwanted copper deposits can build up with the drink, which when drank by humans can be unhealthy and extremely dangerous. This is the why nickel lines your Moscow Mule Mug – so you do not intake copper deposits mixed into your drink.

With the above being said, it is pretty obvious you should not dream to have a Moscow Mule Mug stripped with nickel lining. It is just plain unhealthy, impractical, and unreasonable. So, unless you want to drink some copper deposits, or you want your copper mugs to broke and damage easily, you have the option to choose your mugs stripped off of its nickel or stainless steel lining. That will just be clear, suicide.

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